So, just what is REACT? And why does it matter?

react2_smHaving all the security solutions–even if they’re cloud-based–doesn’t necessarily ensure holistic protection. In the modern enterprise, there are simply too many parallel silos of data. The key is to get the solutions not only to talk to each other, but to leverage one another’s capabilities…in real time. It’s about a unified approach: Think of it like an apple pie. You might have apples, dough crust, butter and spices. Each can be used on their own. However, when using each of the ingredients together, you create a tasty result that is more than the sum of its parts.




One thought on “So, just what is REACT? And why does it matter?

  1. Would your SIEM not be more like the pie plate than a piece of the pie? All the different services collect data from the users or the datastream. SIEM collects data from all the other security services, computers, and any other system EXCEPT from the data stream and the users. It takes the data and correlates it using whatever algorithms you have opted to use to help give an overall picture as opposed to a specific point or frame of reference.

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