Public Cloud or Private Cloud, that is the question? Or is it?

When addressing security, does the cloud configuration really matter? The cloud is simply a server somewhere outside the four walls of your enterprise. Whether you share (multi-tenanted) space on the server or have one all to yourself, the same question revolving security still pertain. Is it safe? The answer lies on how well you have prepared and monitor your processes despite where your data sits. So what is best for your organization public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid? Well, it depends…


One thought on “Public Cloud or Private Cloud, that is the question? Or is it?

  1. I have noticed that in the field of cloud computing there has been a big debate over which methods of security are best suited to add additional layers of security and authentication for account access and transaction verification without being unreasonably expensive or complex. I’ve noticed that one solution that keeps coming up in conversation is what is commonly known as 2FA (two-factor authentication) where the user is asked to enter into their account by entering a one-time PIN code which is delivered to your phone via SMS or voice. In fact I am not sure why this has not become industry standard. This should be a prerequisite to any system that wants to promote itself as being secure. I am using 2FA for several accounts and at times I feel suspicious when not asked to telesign into my account, it just feels like they are not offering me enough protection.

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