Identity Management in the Cloud: A Matter of Function, Control, Cost

User identities are at the core of your business. Organizations need to manage access to corporate resources and systems to an ever changing flux of employees, consultants, partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers. And each has their own agenda in terms of the information they wish to access. Without an identity management framework, all any of these people need to do is knock on the door and the doorman will let them in. This issue is what is the best way to deploy and manage such and initiative. In that respect there are three points of comparison of whether the cloud or a more traditional deployment is best suited for an enterprise: functionality, control, and cost.


One thought on “Identity Management in the Cloud: A Matter of Function, Control, Cost

  1. At a time when many organizations are struggling to figure out which methods of authentication are best suited for their company, I think it is about time that organizations start to offer 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), where users can telesign into their account. It’s very important that the leading companies in their respective verticals are giving users the appropriate additional layer of authentication for access and transaction verification without unreasonable complexity. In fact I am not sure why receiving a One-Time Pass code which is delivered to your phone via SMS has not become industry standard. This should be a prerequisite to any system that wants to promote itself as being secure.

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