*********: Your First Line of Defense

If you’re like me, you have dozens of passwords. From Facebook to bank accounts to SaaS-based CRM or Google Apps to general network access.  And if you are like 75% of the users out there, just key in your birthday or your dog’s name or (gulp) “password.” For many users it is an inconvenience to remember the variety of access keys so you default to using the same password over and over and over again.


One thought on “*********: Your First Line of Defense

  1. It is true, we live in a password world, but people need to understand passwords are not secure in themselves. A strong password is not a replacement for the need for other effective security control. People need to be thinking about secondary steps that need to be implemented, like some form of 2FA were a user can telesign into their account and have the security knowing they are protected. This should be a prerequisite to any system that wants to promote itself as being secure. With this if they were to be compromised, the user would be protected because if the people who stole the password were to try to use the “stolen” password and they don’t have your phone nor are on the computer, smartphone or tablet you have designated trusted, they would not be able to enter the account.

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